‘Dog Gone:’ powerful story of boy and his dog

By Genevieve Presley

When I heard about a new movie called “Dog Gone” on Netflix starring Rob Lowe, I knew that I wanted to watch it. I also knew that this movie would combine two of my favorite things, Rob Lowe and dogs.

“Dog Gone” is based on a true story and follows a young man named Fielding Marshall who will stop at nothing to find his lost dog Gonker after the two get separated while on a hike on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.

I love Fielding’s dedication and determination to find Gonker even if it costs him everything. This is what sticks out to me the most in the movie. Fielding is my favorite character because I identify with him in more ways than one. I love my dog, and if I lost him I would react in the exact same way as Fielding.

Not only is “Dog Gone” the captivating story of Fielding and Gonker, but it is also an incredible journey of healing in the relationship of Fielding and his father. John and Fielding have a complicated relationship, and in the search for Gonker they learn to break down their walls and understand each other better.

Another thing that really sticks out to me in the movie is Gonker is Fielding’s best friend– but he’s also so much more. Gonker is the one who was there when Fielding was looking for companionship and helped him find his way when he was feeling lost. That in itself was enough for him to go to great lengths to find Gonker no matter what happened along the way. 

No matter what, Fielding was going to find his dog even if it was the last thing he did. It captivated me deeply that Fielding loved Gonker so much that he would walk hundreds of miles on unpaved roads, uphill, downhill to find him and bring him home right where he belonged. The bond between man and man’s best friend truly cannot be broken. Also, not only did John and Fielding search long and hard for Gonker– but Gonker searched long and hard for John and Fielding as well. 

Not only will an owner search for their lost dog, but that dog will search for their owner until they find them– that’s what the love between humans and dogs feels like, I know because I am fortunate enough to feel it every day. In all honesty, I loved everything both in and about this movie. It was sorrowful, hopeful, beautiful and heartfelt. It’s about finding your purpose, the family dynamic of a father and son understanding their relationship, both Gonker’s and Fielding’s resilience, his mom’s determination and so much more.

“Dog Gone” is truly a family friendly movie that is guaranteed to unite dog lovers around the world. I want everybody that I know to watch this movie– watch it with your family, your friends and even your dog.

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