Be weird, Be rude, Stay alive

by Katelyn Starks 

Student Reporter

Whenever someone asks me if I have any podcast recommendations for them, I immediately tell them about audiochuck because, not only do they have 17 podcasts to choose from, some of the shwos are actually doing substantial things in the true crime community. For the last five years, audiochuck has been telling true crime stories from all over the world and helping victims and their families get one step closer to the justice they deserve.

Their “Crime Junkie” podcast is one of my favorites but I have recently fallen for a few of the other podcasts that they have made; “Anatomy of Murder,” “Park Predators,” “The Deck” and “Counter Clock” being some of the few. They are versatile with different areas of crime that they discuss that will fit for everybody who wants to listen. 

Not only are they giving the victims their stories back, they also encourage all the listeners to be active in certain stories if needed. I appreciate everything that they are doing, and how they still continue to give back even when they don’t necessarily have to. 

Making sure that with every single story you get something out of it, at the end or even during the episode they will have post links or phone numbers for whatever story they are covering. It could be to sign a petition, give a number to the hotline for suicide, domestic violence and even local dog shelters. 

In order for them to give back and help wherever they can, they also offer a subscription which comes with multiple perks. They have a merch shop where some of the proceeds goes back to one of the advocacy groups they are helping. 

I can not say anything negative about what audiochuck does. They are being the change and allowing so many others to be able to participate if they didn’t know where to start. I am able to listen to them wherever I go which is also helpful. If I’m cleaning or doing laundry I can stick my headphones in and listen to a few episodes. If I’m driving or taking a trip I can plug it into my car. 

Another reason I always recommend audiochuck is that they ask for input to all of their listeners and truly listens to what they say; whether that be with making an episode on a certain person or even going over a specific topic.

Hearing Ashley and Britt introduce themselves on “Crime Junkie” as well as hearing one of my favorite pruppets, Chuck, howl at the end of every episode will always be one of the best parts about my day. 

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