Reflections from Vinylthon

Online/Social Media Editor

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in this year’s annual Vinylthon event at FM90. It was a day full of playing records on the radio from 9 a.m. to noon to celebrate Record Store Day and College Radio as a whole. 

What I really enjoyed most was bringing up records that I usually don’t play often during my specialty show, “Good Times Radio” and sharing them with the other guests and hosts. It was a nice time to just chat and hangout and watch my very own instructors do what I do every Tuesday night. 

This year, I also got to host the first two hours of FM90’s “Body & Soul,” as my DJ persona, Electric Evan, of course playing records from my own collection as I have many LPs that fit the criteria. It was fun being out of my comfort zone and hosting a show other than the Good Times Radio for once. 

Although it was a nice experience, I definitely felt timid at first to bring out the Electric Evan character onto the program as I wanted to honor my time on FM90’s Body & Soul, keeping the DJ presence there while also just giving the listeners what they wanted. 

Overall, I would say 2024’s Vinylthon went well, being a fun and unique experience to be a part of. We did end up having some technical difficulties this year. But, I don’t think the audience could tell – at least I hope not.  I’m also thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to participate and definitely plan on doing it again next year.

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