Comparing Airbnb, hotel accommodations

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Summer vacation is upon us and that means that the eternal dread of booking hotels rings it’s bell into our collective ear. While there are some obvious ups and downs to the traditional hotel experience Airbnb’s come with their own perks and dangers. 

One of the main perks of staying at a hotel is more consistent and reliable quality that many guests have come to expect. Many hotels also offer a wider variety of accommodations such as free breakfast, valet parking and room service. The argument can be made that the right Airbnb space can offer a more unique experience in terms of location, architecture and nearby attractions. Airbnb hosts can offer th-ings that a traditional hotel cannot, especially since the service offers entire homes, which can be great for large groups or families. 

However, some Airbnb users’ experiences vastly differ due to each space being managed by individual hosts. Many hotels also have higher pricing. There are also more costs associated with hotels like incidentals, steep cancellation fees and sometimes inconvenient lo-cations. Though Airbnb is not innocent of arbitrary fees and oddly pushy hosts. Others choose Airbnb because they can stay in a more quiet neighborhood as opposed to the constant hum of sharing walls with other travelers. 

Both options vie for your attention, and both options have seemingly equal draw-backs. Ultimately, the best accommodation is the one you can afford and the one that’s affordable.  

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