Ranger Staff

Shawn McCrea-The Ranger Design Manager, Page One and Page Eight Editor, The Ranger/AC Current Photographer
Joey Pantoja-The Ranger Opinion Page Editor, The Ranger Editorial Writer
Bridget Ulloa-The Ranger Page Three Editor, The Ranger/AC Current Photographer
Caylee Hanna-The Ranger Page Six Editor, AC Current Assistant Editor, The Ranger Videographer/Badger BS Host
Jessika Fulton-The Ranger Culture Page Editor, AC Current Editor, The Ranger Videographer/Badger BS Host, The Ranger/AC Current Photographer, The Ranger/AC Current Promotion Director
Ruth Martinez-The Ranger Student Speak Reporter, The Ranger Staff Reporter/Columnist, The Ranger Videographer
Emma deGrood-The Ranger Columnist, The Ranger/AC Current Photographer
Sydney West-The Ranger Graphic Designer
Arine Garin-The Ranger Videographer/Student Life Reporter
Daniar Onoz-The Ranger/AC Current Editorial Cartoonist, AC Current Design Editor

Alyssa Fant-The Ranger/AC Current Social Media Coordinator/Online Editor, Staff Reporter

Taylor Burton-The Ranger Page Four and Five Editor

Pierce Lawson- The Ranger Graphic Designer, The Ranger Page Eight Editor

Brandon Belflower- The Ranger/AC Current Photographer

Zach Quiros- The Ranger/AC Current Photographer

Salvador Gutierrez- Circulation Manager 

Raygan Lopez- Staff Reporter