“Heartstopper’ leaves readers wanting more

by Jordan Nuner 

Entertainment Critic

With the much anticipated final volume of “Heartstopper” coming later this year, I’d like to share how wonderful this series is. First released on the webcomic reading app “Tapas” in 2016, the series was praised for its realistic view of queer relationships and the struggles that come with them.

The webcomic ended in 2022 and the physical version of the series started releasing back in 2020. The fifth and final volume originally planned to release on Feb. 2 but has since been delayed. Although, it is still on the horizon for release this year.

I love collecting physical copies of series I enjoy and although I never got past the first chapter when reading it on “Tapas,” I did know of its existence and, wanting to support the author, I picked up a copy of the first volume without any hesitation, knowing what it was about and that I would most likely enjoy it.

As I began reading the series, I realized what a mistake it had been not to continue past the first chapter when reading the webcomic. The author’s storytelling is realistic and features topics like bullying, self-harm and mental illness related to being a queer youth. The series even managed to get a series on Netflix which I have yet to watch but its existence shows just
how popular the webcomic series was.

The physical version fits really well with the  art style and color was added to the pages to make the black and white comic easier on the eyes and better for reading in natural light. The pages are thick and sturdy and the cover art is really beautiful with pastel colors that work really well together when lined up on a bookshelf.

Also, there’s just something about physical books that I just love. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience and availability of digital publishing, but having a book on my shelf that I can pick up or see it beautifully resting on the shelf just gives
me a sense of satisfaction.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants a heartwarming tearjerker romance featuring queer youths going through school in a British setting.

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