Course withdrawal process explained

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Starting the class withdrawal process at AC requires students to fill out the withdrawal form available online through the AC forms tab on the ACconnect portal.  

Students will then need to get the professor of the class they are dropping to sign the form, then go to their adviser to finish the process. 

“The great news about the withdrawal process is that there are a few steps involved, but we’ve attempted to outline those steps in a step-by-step format for the students,” Kristin McDonald-Willey, director of admissions and registrar, said. 

“Each course syllabus has a link to the withdrawal form and the withdrawal form walks students through the needed steps,” McDonald-Willey said. 

“The primary step you’ll see involved with the withdrawal process is that the student needs to speak with the instructor and the instructor needs to sign off on the withdrawal; the instructor approval requirement was implemented per the Academic Affairs division’s request because they believed there might be instances where a discussion between the instructor and student might lead the student to believe that they can still be successful in the class so that they might decide to not withdrawal and continue working toward course success and eventual certificate/degree attainment versus choosing to withdraw,” she said. 

McDonald-Willey also said that there is a web page dedicated to this process and the information would be helpful to students planning to drop a class.

Students said there are a number of different reasons for withdrawing from their courses. “I took on too much and I had a really hard other class on top of the class I dropped,” Terra Wheeler, an education major, said. 

Wheeler also said she has dropped one class so far – biology. The process is different for every student. “It was scary and stressful,” Wheeler said. 

As of 2007, students can only drop six classes in their entire college career in Texas.

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