Cleaning up on conference wins

By Lance Hooper
Sports Editor

In what can only be described as a remarkable display of skill and determination, the Amarillo Badgers Baseball team has been lighting up the conference this season. 

With an impressive record of 10 wins far outweighing their solitary six losses, the Badgers have become the team to watch, captivating fans with their stellar performances on the diamond. 

Recently with a total shutout series of wins with Howard College. The team fell short one game with El Paso Community College, finishing with one win and one loss. Overall the Badgers are the leading teams in
the conference. 

Led by an exceptional lineup of talented players and guided by seasoned coaching staff, the Badgers have consistently demonstrated their prowess in every aspect of the game. Whether it’s their powerhouse batting lineup, with an impressive 49 home runs this season so far, solid defense over 500 bases, or precision pitching with 277 strikeouts, the Badgers have shown time and time again why they are a force to be reckoned with. Bret Deegan pitcher and third baseman has been one of the many standouts this season. 

“Bret Deegan has shown that he is one of the top pitchers in NJCAA D-I,” Nathan Heuer, sports information director, said. “He has the third highest strikeout per nine inning rate. He has tremendous tempo and command of all his pitches.”

Five Badger batters recorded at least two hits in the five-inning contest. David De Hoyos had a career-high four hits, three singles and a home run, with eight home runs this season and Gerardo Prado added four hits as the duo paced the Badgers at the plate, in the fourth game against El Paso Community College.

Lawson Peel earned his first career complete-game victory on the mound to conclude the series in the Sun City. Peel struck out two batters and allowed four earned runs in AC’s 15-4 win on Saturday. 

In the fourth inning, the Badgers plated 10 runs to secure the run-rule stoppage. The total was the second-highest mark of the season in a single inning. Another stand out this season is Grant Watkins. He earned the game one starting role in non-conference play and has exemplified the consistency of an ace first baseman. This past weekend, he showed he can make an impact at the plate as well. His 10 home runs this season has helped lead the team to 10 conference wins.

At the heart of their success lies a combination of teamwork, dedication, and a relentless drive to win. Each player brings their own unique strengths to the field, contributing to the team’s overall success and creating a formidable unit capable of taking on any challenge.

But it’s not just their on-field performance that has garnered attention, it’s the way they play the game. With a passion and intensity that is palpable, the Badgers have captured the hearts of fans and earned the respect of their opponents.

Their lone loss serves not as a setback, but as a testament to their resilience and ability to bounce back stronger than ever. It’s this mindset that sets the Badgers apart, fueling their determination to continue pushing forward and striving for greatness.

As the season progresses and the stakes get higher, all eyes will be on the Amarillo Badgers baseball team. 

With their stellar record and unwavering commitment to success, they are poised to make a lasting impression not just on the conference, but on the sport as a whole. So buckle up, baseball fans, because the Badgers are just getting started and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

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