‘Argylle’ puts a twist on classic spy movie tropes 

By Jordan Nuner
Entertainment Critic 

I went into “Argylle” with low expectations as the trailer only showed what I expected to be a spy movie with a random cat that was there for no apparent reason. The cat was actually the main reason for why I wanted to see the movie in the first place. I wanted to know why a spy movie would have a cat with no real purpose other than just being a cat.

For the most part, I was correct about the cat being a regular cat but even with the small role, the cat played an important part in the story and I enjoyed it more than I expected. I’m glad that my expectations were low because it made the movie more enjoyable with how good it was. The only issue I had was that the story went a bit off at one point where I couldn’t tell what was happening and who was on what side but it all evened out in the end.

The story revolves around Elly Conway, a novelist famous for her spy novel “Argylle,” which is on its fifth and final volume. Elly is struggling to picture how the story ends and decides to go on a trip to her mother’s house to find some inspiration. On the way there, she ends up in a battle of spies, all trying to get the final chapter of her novel because her novels have predicted the future. The location of important files and where they are hidden are supposedly in the unwritten chapter.

This leads to an epic spy movie with amazing action scenes with the coolest transitions between the real-world spy battles and Elly’s mind interpreting them as the main character from her novel series, “Argylle.” 

This movie pulled me into the world of spies and made me feel like I was actually there watching it all play out. There were some cringey moments but it was obviously intentional mimicking the style of classic spy movies.

The twists in this movie were also really good where I could see some of them coming but others were unexpected. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend seeing this movie. 

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