‘Hubie Halloween’ haunts with tricks, fewer treats

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“Hubie Halloween” is a movie written and starring Adam Sandler, which was released on Netflix earlier this month. Since it’s release, it’s a Halloween movie that hasn’t earned itself a very good reputation. Like a lot of Sandler’s movies, it’s filled with silly, dumb jokes that aren’t meant to be taken seriously. If you go into the movie not expecting anything amazing then you’ll find that it’s OK for what it is.

For what it’s worth, it’s a decently fun, cute little movie to watch if you’re ever in need of a laugh to get your attention off everything else that’s been going on in the world. The movie is about a man named Hubie (Sandler), who is constantly getting picked on and bullied by the people of his hometown, most likely for his extremely annoying, high pitched voice that Sandler uses throughout the film.

I feel that one of the major flaws of this movie is the constant ‘bully’ humor that’s used over and over in order to make fun of Sandler’s character. The joke quickly gets old and wasn’t very funny, to begin with.

Hubie, as you would expect from your typical Hallmark movie, is in love with a girl that he thinks will never love him back, but of course, gets her in the end.

The movie is filled with a combination of terrible jokes and OK ones. If you can somehow manage to see past the many cringey, overused jokes then you can tell that there are a few clever jokes placed here and there. For example, Hubie rides his bike down a particular road multiple times, and each time, he has to dodge three items that get thrown at him in the exact same place every single time. It’s kind of funny once you notice it. Also, Sandler’s cooler that works as Batman’s utility belt is a pretty funny running gag.

Not only are a few of the jokes actually kind of clever, but the ending of the film, if you can make it that far, is pretty solid as well. I mean, it’s still corny and dumb as the rest of the movie, but it’s also sweet and satisfying once you find out who the real kidnaper is. It makes the rest of the film almost worth it to watch.

Everything that’s happened throughout the movie comes together in a neat little package at the end that’s cute, enjoyable, and just as stupid as the rest of the film. This movie is filled to the brim with famous actors. Not only Adam Sandler himself but Kevin James, George Wallace, and China Anne McClain were also cast in this movie, along with some star cameos.

This is the kind of movie where you know where the budget went. Not into the story or music or anything else, but to pay a bunch of famous actors to get attention so people will go watch it. Despite this, the acting in the movie isn’t terrible. It really seemed like the cast was having a good time making a movie they knew was dumb and full of silly jokes.

I think you can see in the movie how much everyone enjoyed making it simply through the acting. Overall, it’s a bad movie that could be worse. If you’re cool with watching a Hallmark-like Halloween movie, go give it a watch.

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