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As someone who is an avid lover of all things Halloween or “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” this was the collaboration for me.

I know every scene and song by heart and my bedroom is decked out with “Nightmare Before Christmas” décor. I even have a mini tree with mini Jack ornaments and a Zero tree topper.

Needless to say, when the Makeup Revolution announced their collaboration with “Nightmare Before Christmas,” I screamed with joy and counted down the days till launch day.

At first, I was a little wary of the collab due to certain movie makeup palettes that I’ve bought in the past. They were all a total bust with opaque coloring or funky smells. But Makeup Revolution broke this stereotype and made the palette a deadly hit.

I have used products like foundation or small eye- shadow palettes from Makeup Revolution and they have all been pretty decent.

So I had pretty high hopes, not only for the brand itself but how they were going to represent a classic Halloween movie.

This cutely packaged collection consists of two highlighters, two makeup bags, four lip glosses, a brush set, and two 36 shade eyeshadow palettes — one for Jack and Sally.

The journey to obtain the products, however, was a living hell resulting in me only having 75 percent of the collection due to Ulta’s shipment coming in late and incomplete.

On top of that, I had to go two different days to buy certain pieces and constantly call to find out when or if items would be in. I am pretty sure I am now on Ulta’s “watch out” list for being an annoying customer. If they could block my number, they would.

But in the end, I got what I wanted and I am absolutely loving it.

The biggest hit for me was the eyeshadow palettes. Each consists of 36 shades that are a mix of satins, mattes, shimmers, neutrals, and bright pops of color that allow the consumer to freely express themselves through boring browns or bright flamingo pinks.

I absolutely love the color choices when picking my makeup for the day.

To add to the fun colors, the Makeup Revolution truly paid attention to details when adding unique im- prints of Jack’s face and creative names that came from aspects from the movie.

For example, the color “What’s This” is a snowy silver, reminiscent of the song Jack sings when he finds Christmas Town.

The makeup bags were super cute with different characters on a clear bag and Jack’s face all over a black bag with a neon green zipper.

The brush set had extremely soft bristles and a different character on each of the handles with a case that matched the black makeup bag.

The highlighters had Jack’s imprint, with color for light and darker skin tones, and four lip glosses, each named after characters in the movie.

Another more thing that makes this collection even better is the price.

Each item is $22 or under, making it extremely affordable and reasonable for the amount of product in each piece.

Overall, this collection was absolutely amazing—from the price and packaging to the formula and the versatile options.

It is a collection that will delight the “Nightmare Before Christmas’’ fandom and will allow Makeup Revolution to gain more loyal customers.

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