First time voter explains process

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Knowing who to vote for can be a difficult decision, and some students may not choose to vote at all. Voting is a very important right to exercise and is a civic duty to uphold. Here is my experience voting for the first time. To start off with, I went to a local church to vote with my mom. The line inside was pretty long. Mom said it was unusually long and normally is not that bad.

The line did move fairly quickly though. When it was my turn, I gave the lady my driver’s license. I have a voter registration card, but you don’t need one unless you don’t have a driver’s license.

I confirmed my information, and then another lady gave me a ticket with some numbers on it. I went up to the voting booth and typed in the numbers I was given with a stylus since we weren’t allowed to touch the screen because of COVID-19. With every position you vote for, you have the option to type in a response. Also, the option to vote all Republican or all Democrat is no longer available. There were 23 different races to vote for, but all I voted for was the president and propositions A through C.

Most of the other names I didn’t recognize, and I didn’t want to risk voting for someone whose policies I might disagree with. I only knew the policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and the screen actually told me what propositions A through C were. I kind of felt bad for not voting for the rest of them, but I still voted.

Once I was done, I confirmed my submission and picked up an ‘I voted’ sticker. A lot of people say that the stickers are a pointless way of demanding recognition for something basic that everyone does, but one of my high school teachers wanted a picture of all her former students with the sticker, so I had a good excuse for wearing it.

I do feel that not voting for some races is better than just guessing who you think you might like based on their name and what political party they’re a part of. The actual voting itself was easy and took very little time. Exercise your right as a citizen. There’s no reason you shouldn’t go vote.

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