‘Gotcha’ game offers stress relief, fun

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By MARC ARTEUS, Staff Reporter |

Stress relief and fun are the goals of a new game at Amarillo College. “Gotcha” is a game of tag coordinated by the AC intramurals program.

Each participant is given a photograph of a target. The goal is to spray the target with silly string while on the AC campus. If a participant is sprayed with silly string, he or she is automatically out of the game. In order to win, the participant has to successfully spray their target without being caught by the other hunter. If the participant gets tagged with a silly string, he or she has to forfeit their target and give it to the person who tagged them and that player is the new pursuant. This continues on and on until there is one person left.

Trent Oneal, AC’s intramural coordinator, said this game allows students to have fun, meet other people and enjoy stress relief right before finals.

“I hope the students will look back at this and see it as a way to make the student’s college career here at AC more fun,” he said.

Oneal added that socializing is not the only thing the students will get from this game.

“It will help students to improve their reflexes and awareness,” he said.

“I like ‘Gotcha’ better than Cops and Robbers. In ‘Gotcha,’ you get to be more aware of your surroundings. It keeps the participant on edge the whole time, which makes the game more interesting and it also lasts more than a day,” he added.

Clorisa Mendoza, a business management major and one of the Gotcha players, said she loves the competitiveness of the game. “It gets you out of your comfort zone. Knowing that there are other students who are after me makes me anxious,” Mendoza said. 

Khalila Stevenson, a biology major, said the game is full of surprises. “I was talking and as soon as I was about to say goodbye, this one person came at me and sprayed me and I was like, ‘Oh, come on!’” 

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