Treating your pets for the holidays


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The holiday season is coming up, and that means it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts, including ones for your small, fuzzy companions. “We give my dog, Dagger, presents every year.” Silas Miranda, a motion picture major, said.

Many pet owners use the holidays as an opportunity to spoil their pets. “When Christmas time comes, he waits for us to hand him the present, and when we hold it out for him, he knows it’s for him. Obviously, he can’t read, but we put his name on the present and everything. So when he opens it up, he gets really happy,” Miranda said. 

Giving gifts to your pets can be a wonderful way to bond. “I feel close to my dog when I see his eyes light up on Christmas, just like I used to on Christmas morning as a kid. To me, my pets are members of the family, and I don’t want any of my family members to go without a gift on Christmas. He sees the tree and he sees the presents and he gets so excited every time he sees it. But he’s very well behaved and knows to be patient until Christmas,” Miranda said.

There’s a large variety of presents you can buy for your pet this holiday season. “If we’re celebrating Christmas, she gets a couple of new toys, a chewer, a bag of her favorite pumpkin blueberry treats and her own stocking,” Fallon Trotter, a nursing major, said. “If we’re celebrating her birthday, then she gets a little cake and then a new toy, bag of treats and a birthday hat. I will either put everything in a plastic bag or wrap it and she opens it for the most part but needs a little help,” Trotter said.

However, there are some gifts that should be avoided. “I won’t buy my dog rawhide. It’s so awful for pups. I won’t buy them any collars with dangly things on them either because they could choke,” Trotter said. 

“I am honestly surprised that rawhide is still even made because it’s so terrible for dogs,” Maddisun Fowler, student media coordinator, said.

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