Groveling for good grades

By Mason Dugat 

Student Reporter

The end of the semester is here and so are the deadlines. Time to turn in all the assignments, and, if you asked nicely, you might be able to turn in late assignments as well. 

“It’s always the procrastinators,” Jaime Carrillo, a graphic design instructor, said. “It’s always the ones that show up late, it’s always the ones that don’t listen or fall asleep in class. There is a bit of a pattern. You know which ones will probably be asking for extensions. But the percentage isn’t as high as you might think,” said Carrillo. 

Some students don’t wait until the end of the semester to ask for extensions. “I did need it once at the beginning of the semester so I could get in the groove of it,” Sina Aria, a business administration major, said. 

A lot of students struggle to find a balance between their assignments and their other responsibilities.  “I feel like it’s a little hard to get things done on time, especially assignments that require me to work with other students and faculty,” Filimon Alemon, a mass media major, said. 

There are many reasons why students ask for an extension, and those reasons will determine how willing the professor is to help. “It depends on the situation. If it’s just ‘I’m lazy’ or ‘I’d rather play games,’ those are the ones that I think I’m not reaching out to as often,” said Carrillo. 

When it comes to help, there are professors who are more lenient. “It depended on whether they were STEM or not STEM. Usually the STEM teachers are more strict on due dates. But usually when I asked someone that wasn’t part of a STEM major, like history, they were more lenient and more willing,” Aria said.

“I don’t have a specific cut off time. It’s not like I’m only giving you three chances. I don’t have anything like that. I will give you a couple of nudges to keep you on track. If I have to, I will call you into the office, and be like what is going on,” Carrillo said.

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