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Graduation is a milestone for many people. Amarillo College will be holding winter graduation Dec. 17 and lots of planning and preparation must take place before the event. 

“Students need to make sure they understand their program requirements and when to expect an email for graduation,” said Tiffany Oneal, associate registrar for AC. “Once they have either taken or are currently taking all their classes, that’s the term they will graduate.”  

AC staff members plan the graduation ceremony. 

“We have a committee involving every group at AC. Marketing, PBS, faculty, everybody has a representative in the committee,” Oneal said. “The registrar’s office is in charge of the student list of graduates, which is what I do.” 

Commencement regalia, which includes a cap and gown for students graduating, is mandatory and sold at AC.

“An email goes out to potentially graduating students when the caps and gowns are available for sale,” she said. 

Beginning this fall, AC’s graduation regalia is making slight changes.

“We decided to go to something a bit simpler and more formal. We moved on to a stole which kind of has a triangular shape on the front and back,” said Andrew Flores, the director of Badger Central bookstore and café.

The total for purchasing the cap, tassel and gown, including tax, is $30.80 at the bookstore. For some students who might not want to buy regalia or can’t afford it, there are other options.

“There’s no stipulation that you’re required to purchase it from us,” said Flores. “Some get it from a sibling. I know that Advocacy and Resource Center will kind of loan out some to students that need them.”

Tickets aren’t required for guests attending the December graduation.

“Students just show up,” Oneal said. “It’s held at the Civic Center in the fall and we’re hoping to continue using the ballpark for the spring,” Oneal said. “There’s no tickets for the fall just because we have smaller groups graduating, so students can just bring whoever.”

Micheala Broyles, business administration major, will be one of the many students crossing the stage during commencement Dec. 17.

“I graduated high school in 2020, so I’m excited to have a normal graduation and walk the stage in front of more friends and family,” Broyles said.  

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