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It’s that time of year when people are planning for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. A lot has changed since health officials encouraged everyone to minimize social activities as COVID-19 cases spread quickly last November.

Amarillo College students said they are looking forward to more opportunities for the year of 2021. 

“This year, I would definitely say I’m thankful for more opportunities that I didn’t have last year due to COVID, and getting to spend time with my family,” Allison Laray, a general studies major, said. 

Some students said they are looking forward to the food, while others simply want to watch the football games. Still others said they must spend the day at work, while also preparing for the holidays. 

“I’m looking forward to the football games this year and for the delicious Thanksgiving food,” Melanie Herrera, a business administration major, said. 

AC employees said they are ready to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. “I’m thankful for good health, family and friends,” Pamela Valdez, an academic adviser, said. 

Thanksgiving is often a time for people to enjoy family and celebrate traditions like putting up the Christmas tree, lights and ornaments; however, some students work during the holidays. 

“I have to work on Thanksgiving Day, but luckily I get Christmas off, so that’s good” Michelle Sanchez, a nursing major, said. 

AC will be closed Nov. 25-28 for Thanksgiving break.

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