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Bangtan Sonyeondan, also known as BTS, recently released an album that encapsulates what living life is like during the COVID-19 pandemic. The songs range from happy and upbeat to sad and slow, showcasing the rollercoaster of emotions that many people have been experiencing. I think that creating an album with the theme of healing and hope during the pandemic was a great idea since people are able to relate to it as well as find comfort in the tracks.

The tracks on the album perfectly describe what a pandemic lifestyle is like and are incredibly addicting. There are seven songs in total on the album as well as one skit. The first track on the album is ‘Life Goes On’ and it has an underlying meaning that everything is going to be OK and that even throughout this new normal that we have to deal with, life still goes on.

One of the first lines of the song is “One day, the world stopped without any warning,” and it made me tear up when I first heard it because it’s the way that I felt at the beginning of the pandemic. The song gave me hope that one day this will all be over and everything will finally be OK again.

The third track is ‘Blue and Grey,’ which is characterized as an acoustic pop song and a ballad, and let me tell you this song makes me cry my eyes out. When V described what the colors blue and grey meant to him, he said that they represent depression and anxiety. The lyrics talk about being lonely, wanting to be happier, and having a feeling of everything not being OK.

I greatly appreciate the way BTS incorporated the mental aspect of dealing with a pandemic in the album because mental health is incredibly important right now. The final track on ‘BE’ is ‘Dynamite’ and it is always going to have a special place in my heart since it is the first song that the group released completely in English. This song is so good that it even went on to get number one on the Billboard charts. The song has a disco vibe to it and I listen to it on repeat every single day.

The packaging of ‘BE’ the deluxe edition is minimalistic and beautiful. It is solid white with black text on it. The album includes a photo book, a behind-the-scenes book, a polaroid photo card, eight photo cards, a CD, a photo frame, seven postcards, and two posters, one being a lyric poster and the other being a poster of the members.

On the Target website, the price of the album is $50, which, in my opinion, is a reasonable price since you get so many items along with the music. Overall, the album was beautifully made and all of the members took part in creating it. I highly recommend listening to this album because it shows the audience that, although we may not be experiencing the exact same things during this pandemic, there is still hope and that they can find healing through this music.

I love BTS with my entire heart and I hope you can find comfort in their music as well during this crazy year.

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  1. As a long-time fan, I randomly came across this doing some research and was so happy to see this write-up. I fully agree that BE very much speaks to this moment, and manages to be both comforting AND entertaining. Great article on a fantastic album (and group!) Thanks!

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