The season of giving

Gift Giving

By Andrew Robinson/ Staff Reporter

The holiday season is arriving in a hurry and this is a time when many people’s thoughts turn to gifts. Everyone has their own ideas regarding gifts they would like to receive, as well as gifts they will be giving. Everybody always says that it’s the thought that counts, but is that really the case?

“I completely agree with the statement that the thought counts, even if the gift is not what the person ideally expected, it is still a way of stepping out of your comfort zone and or just being generous and passing on joy,” Connor Newcomb, a nursing major said. “I would say gift giving is more stressful than receiving but going both ways it’s a true act of humanity and kindness.”

Another common saying is that people enjoy gift giving, while this may be true, there is also reason to believe that it is more stressful than enjoyable. For example, not knowing if the person is going to like what you got them, or if you got them the wrong item.

“I’ve never gotten a bad Christmas present. Every gift is amazing because of what’s behind it, not the actual object,” Nathan Betts, a business major, said.

What makes it more stressful is putting a lot of thought into a gift and that gift not turning out to be what you thought it would. There are so many factors of gift giving that go into the holidays that many people seem to overlook.

“My favorite part of giving gifts is seeing the reaction of the other person, because when they’re happy, it makes me happy,” Kyett Prather, a biology major said. “It can be stressful sometimes because you have to make sure they like what you got them and that it isn’t a waste of money.”

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