Daniel Franzese Review

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By Nathaniel Montoya

Hollywood comes to Amarillo with Daniel Franzese. Famous for his role as Damian from the movie “Mean Girls” as well as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, the comedian’s act is high energy,versatile, and overall just hilarious.

Coming into the show I had never seen “Mean Girls” or heard of Franzese, but I do love attending standup comedy shows so this was a must. Franzese has a lot of qualities that makes him standout but he doesn’t rely heavily on any specific gimmick like some other comedians. 

I was particularly fond of his Italian impersonations especially those of his parents. Franzese made many jokes referring to his mother’s made up language. It reminded me of my own grandmother who commonly mispronounces easy English words. It was clear that Franzese was comfortable on the stage, He won over the crowd so fast there was never a dull moment throughout the entire show.

Overall, I loved the show and hope he makes a return to Amarillo someday. Anyone can tell that Franzese is very genuine and cares about his craft. I’m very excited to hear his new podcast “Yass Jesus” which will focus on his life as a gay man with Christian beliefs. Franzese said the best place to follow his upcoming projects is on Instagram @whatsupdanny.

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