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Student face challenges

November 22, 2019 The Ranger 0

By Lauren Ebben and Shawn McCrea Growing up is never easy.  It’s even harder when you don’t feel comfortable in your own body.  “In elementary […]

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Spring Registration

November 21, 2019 The Ranger 0

By Emily Reeves It’s here now, but blink and you’ll miss what you need– spring registration. “It’s first come, first serve,” Logan Miller, an English […]

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Academic dishonesty at AC: an in-depth look at cheating

November 20, 2019 The Ranger 0

illustration by Daniar Ballester Cheating worries facultyby Caylee Hanna, Staff ReporterNearly 70 percent of college students admit to cheating on tests or assignments, according to the International Center for Academic Integrity. Some students say cheating is a good way to pass their classes, but Amarillo College faculty members disagree.“Students who copy test answers are foolish,” Rebecca Easton, the dean of liberal arts, said. “They are paying good money for a better future, only to throw it

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Badgers return winless once again

November 16, 2019 The Ranger 0

By Andrew Robinson/ Staff Reporter The Amarillo College intramural traveling flag football team participated in a regional intramurals tournament sponsored by a national college recreation […]

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Daniel Franzese Review

November 15, 2019 The Ranger 0

By Nathaniel Montoya Hollywood comes to Amarillo with Daniel Franzese. Famous for his role as Damian from the movie “Mean Girls” as well as an […]