Swine specialist to speak

By Ray Gutierrez, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, Sept. 26, a research scientist from Texas Tech University will be on campus to educate students about the impact the swine industry has on the environment. Dr. Anoosh Rakhshandeh, assistant professor of swine nutrition and health, will speak from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Ordway Hall as part of the STEM Research Center Lecture Series.

“Swine Industry, Pollution and Environmental Stewardship” will be about the carbon water and land footprints of industrial hog produce. Rakhshandeh  has his master’s degree in poultry nutrition a master’s from Azad University in Iran and his bachelor’s degree in animal science. He earned his doctorate in swine nutrition and health from the University of Guelph in Canada.

Staff at AC said they find it important for these lectures to take place on campus. “It’s a great opportunity for students to hear from an expert in the field if they are interested at all in environmental impact, the swine industry pollution, looking at undergraduate degrees and graduate level degrees,” Keli Key, STEM support specialist, said. “If you’re a student at AC you should definitely be building upon your knowledge, it is always great to know what is happening in your community. It would be a great resource for all students of any majors to attend,” she said.

The lecture is available to all majors. “I definitely feel that everyone needs to be informed of anything that pollutes our earth,” Myra Aleman, a nursing major, said. “I am really glad they are bringing someone in.” Aleman added that she feels it is important for all majors to take advantage of having a top of the line research scientist on campus. “Especially in the medical field, this is a really medical based college, and just the fact of being taught about everything we’re about to go into; things like pollution, people’s health, giving us awareness. I think it’s a great idea,” she said.

A $4.9 million Hispanic-Serving Institution Stem Grant received from the U.S. Department of Education helped provide this lecture and bring Dr. Rakhshandeh to campus.

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