AC Theatre captures audience with cult classic ‘Heathers: The Musical’

Heathers the musical

By KYLE GRAHAM, Staff Reporter |

For those who have seen the ‘R’ rated 1988 teen movie “Heathers” by Michael Lehmann, the Amarillo College theatre program has captured the stylistic nature of the original cult classic. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the hip-swaying feature, a teenage girl named Veronica in high school is surrounded by wandering-eyed jocks, nerds and bullies as she runs through her classes. Her struggle to gain popularity suddenly succeeds when her forgery skills land her with the ‘cool kids,’ but this newfound fame and glory has its demons. 

A strange new boy in the school has captured Veronica’s heart, while her longtime childhood friend is constantly the butt of every joke. Things can get a little tense in high school.

TheatreAC, under the guidance of Ray Newburg and Monty Downs, has carefully woven this intricate tale full of vibrant and powerful characters and a beautifully constructed set that morphs and contorts to the needs of each scene. 

The sound and lighting crews work diligently to provide the best possible experience and keep the upbeat pace of the show rolling throughout the entire feature. 

The stage crew rushes out and fits everything into place in mere moments with their masterful set design.

Overall, it is a very good experience. The show is engaging and downright fun to watch and listen to with catchy musical numbers and a wonderfully entertaining cast. 

The actor who portrays the character of JD, seems inspired by Jack Black, while one of the jocks has hilarious moments that have everyone in the room laughing. Everyone in the cast harmonizes wonderfully and has great voices. Hidden among the people onstage are some with operatic talents.

The stage version is still an ‘R’ rated experience, with language and suggestive content that adults and older teens can enjoy – almost like a musical version of the “Breakfast Club,” but with a twist. 

With a live band playing in the background and phenomenally hard working talent both on, off and behind stage, it’s an experience I would love to witness a second or third time. TheatreAC has done an outstanding job with “Heathers.”

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