Student supports O’Rourke



By CARTER HALL, Staff Reporter ¦

Election Day is finally here and for a while now, I have been hearing the debates on who should be the next senator; Ted Cruz (R) or Beto O’Rourke (D). I love hearing people express their political views in a respectful manner because regardless of their political views, I know they still care about the great state of Texas.

I believe the win will favor heavily for Beto. I believe this will be the outcome because Beto is a breath of fresh air for the state of Texas. I see the genuine love and care he has for the Lone Star State. Beto personally traveled to every county in Texas, and in my eyes this tells me that he wants to really see, speak and listen to the concerns of the fellow peers.

I am not one to just praise Beto and leave Ted in the dust. I know Ted might have had some good things for Texas during his term, but it is time for someone else to come into office and start doing some more positive things. It starts with the people and Beto is the man for the job and shown his passion for the people.

What people might or might not know is that when it comes to the midterm elections, every single vote counts, regardless of what party is voted on. Yes, voting for the President is important, do not think it is not. But, when a registered voter goes to exercise their civil duty at their respective county office, they must keep in mind that the person whom they are voting for are making decisions for all of Texas and even the country in a sense. Whatever decisions, actions or agreements the Governor and Senator make would affect the country more than what the President would sign off. In a nutshell, what I am saying is…GO VOTE!

Every vote DOES count and participating in the Senate vote will make a difference in the long haul for America, not just the states. Just by going out and doing the civil duty can all bring our nation tougher in some form of peace. I plan to vote and when standing in line, I will not worry what party the person in front or behind me is going to select. I know we all stand as Americans at the end of the day. Regardless of the winner, we must be united as one. To think we are less than is unwise.

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