Cruz campaign comes to Amarillo

cruz rally


On Oct. 31, the Amarillo Civic Center hosted incumbent Senator Ted Cruz’ Campaign rally for the midterm election. Before Cruz came onstage to speak, he was preceded by introductory remarks from local politicians like Mayor Ginger Nelson, Potter County Chair Dan Rogers and 86th district Representative John Smithee. The event opened with a prayer recited by Mayor Nelson’s husband, David Nelson, pleading for the values of Texas to meet the attributes mentioned in the biblical scripture “Fruits of The Holy Spirit.”

Before the prayer, Potter County Chair Dan Rogers had the crowd stand for the United States and Texas Pledges. “Our Country was founded in the principal of an individual as a supreme being,” Rogers said, in an effort to stir the crowd. After him followed Smithee, then Mayor Nelson introduced Cruz.

Cruz came out in a superstar-esque fashion, accompanied by the song “Small Town Family Dream” by Texas country singer Josh Abbott. Cruz was quick to welcome the crowd with handshakes for people in the front rows before walking out onstage.  Saying, “It is an amazing time to be a Texan,” Cruz described the difference between him and opposing candidate, Beto O’Rourke, as “night and day.” Cruz went on to discuss the recent tax cut passed by Congress.

A red sea of attendees showed up wearing MAGA hats and holding signs in support of the Republican Party. Among the diverse crowd of supporters was 17-year-old Luis Ibarra, a first generation American who is a supporter of the GOP despite his family’s disapproval. “I don’t agree with what they believe but I respect what they believe,” he said. Ibarra mentioned that his support for Ted Cruz comes from the candidate’s campaign promises on the Second Amendment and immigration.

AC general studies major, Brandon Walker, said he supports Cruz for his views on immigration and believes Cruz is the way to go for Texan voters. “I believe everything he goes for. I just don’t think we should have open borders,” Walker said. “When you sleep at night, you sleep with your doors locked. I think that’s the way it should be in Texas,” Walker said.

Walker said the border wall proposed by President Trump might be costly, but it will benefit the country. “The wall is a lot of money but it will be worth it. We will see the positive outcome eventually, if not at the beginning,” Walker said.

Midterm elections take place Nov. 6.


  1. Instead of “politicans like Mayor Ginger Nelson,” I would say “politicans such as Mayor Ginger Nelson” or “politicians, including Mayor Ginger Nelson…”

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