THE END IS NEAR: Part 4: The road to finals

With finals just around the corner, Amarillo College students are beginning to feel the pressure to do well and end classes on a high note. But their lives outside college don’t stop. Even if they are given so much to review, they say their brains sometimes feel like they are about to explode.FINALS

Many techniques are used to remember everything learned during the past semester, some better than others. Students said studying is a process and that discovering what works best for them and how they learn takes some developing and does not happen overnight. Read on for tips for success from other students.

1. Tutoring: AC offers students many services on campus to help prepare for tests. Tutoring is available for virtually every subject. Math tutoring is located in the Math Outreach Center on the first floor of Durrett Hall. Science tutoring, including A&P, Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry and Life Sciences, is located in the Science Enrichment Center in 110 Warren Hall. One-on-one tutoring for any other academic course is available by contacting Charlotte Goebel by email at or by visiting her in the Lynn Library basement in office 011.

2.Work less: “Since this is my last full semester at AC, I’m working less hours and trying to focus on my studies. It always helps me when I listen to classical music,” said LaTonya Bennett Glover, a social work major.

3. Flash cards: “I like to use lots flash cards and attend study groups to help me get ready for finals,” said Amber Shelton, an occupational therapy assistant major. “Rereading my notes and books also helps me.”

4. Study & Rest: “I prepare for finals by getting lots of study and sleep time,” said Iesha Adams, a psychology major.

5. Enlist aid: “My sister and I will both be taking finals this year, so I’ll probably study by prepping with her – asking each other questions and studying together,” said Angel Foster, a general studies major. “I’ll also just review all of my old notes and quizzes I have on hand.”

6. Alternatives: “I do my best work last-minute. I’ll be cramming until the last minutes and hoping for the best,” said Gayle Traver, an occupational therapy assistant major. However you choose to study for finals, whether it is alone or with help, choose the method that works best for you and remember that the exams won’t be the end of you, but they will be the end of the semester.



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