THE END IS NEAR: Part 4: The road to finals

With finals just around the corner, Amarillo College students are beginning to feel the pressure to do well and end classes on a high note. But their lives outside college don’t stop. Even if they are given so much to review, they say their brains sometimes feel like they are about to explode.

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Ready. Set. Record.

Amarillo College offers many options for degree programs: almost everything to choose from. But Scott Beckett, a music instructor, is pioneering a new degree that would bring recording arts to the foreground as the premier program at AC.

“We are in the process of creating a degree program,” Beckett said. “In order for us to officially launch this program, we have to have five years of tracking. In another two years, it will be a full program.”

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‘Ocean’ mixes childhood memories, terror in slim package

After eight years between adult novels, Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane has been much anticipated by his fans. The long-awaited book is slim, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in its dark whimsy.

The novel begins when the narrator, who never is named, returns to his home to give a eulogy and ends up passing time by literally wandering down memory lane.

Adapting over time

There are not many secrets left at Amarillo College. However, the AC theater department costume house is a lesser-known oddity at the school.

AC has had a theater program since 1973, but students did not always have a formal place to build and store their costumes.

“When I was a student from ’88 to ’90, there was not a place to construct, clean or build. We just didn’t have any place to go,” said Ray Newburg, a theater arts assistant professor.

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Badgers get busy on campus: ‘It’s pretty great’

February 19, 2014 Kayt Huerta - Ranger Reporter 0

Everyone knows the clichéd struggling college student, scraping money to get by, but Amarillo College has many opportunities for students to work on campus to make their already busy lives a little easier.

Leah Foster, a social work major, works as a student assistant to Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart. This is Foster’s second semester at AC, and she has worked for Lowery-Hart since the beginning of her first semester.