Badgers get busy on campus: ‘It’s pretty great’

By Kayt Huerta

Ranger Reporter


Everyone knows the clichéd struggling college student, scraping money to get by, but Amarillo College has many opportunities for students to work on campus to make their already busy lives a little easier.

Leah Foster, a social work major, works as a student assistant to Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart. This is Foster’s second semester at AC, and she has worked for Lowery-Hart since the beginning of her first semester.

“They work with my schedule and it’s my first job, so it’s a good starting place for me,” she said.

Foster learned about the job opportunity through AC’s Career and Employment Services, located on the first floor of Lynn Library.

“I filled out an application online, sent it through, and then I had an interview,” she said.

Foster said her co-workers are one of the things main things she enjoys about the job. The flexible schedule also allows her to attend club meetings and activities.

“It’s pretty great,” she said.

AC’s Food Pantry in 204 Parcells Hall employs Leah Vessel. Vessel, an occupational therapy major, has been at AC for two years and has been employed at the pantry for a year.

“Leah helps me a lot,” said Karen Logan, an administrative clerk and pantry coordinator. “She does a lot of the stocking so I can assist other students.”

Some of Vessel’s other tasks include data entry, retrieving mail, signing in students, keeping records and running errands.

“I volunteered here a lot,” she said. “It was the first job opening, and Karen offered me the job.”

Like Foster, Vessel said her bosses and flexible hours are two of the things she likes about her job.

Peter Ohmes is a tutor at Writers’ Corner in 102 Ordway Hall, where students are provided with constructive feedback and guide students through the writing process.

While helping students with their papers, Ohmes also helps maintain the relaxing environment of the Writers’ Corner by keeping the room clean.

While the corner provides one-on-one tutoring sessions, it does not provide editing services.

“I like helping people write their papers,” Ohmes said.

The Writers’ Corner is open to all students, regardless of skill level.

“You’re encouraged to come back,” Ohmes said. “If problems are corrected enough, it’s more likely they will get it and it will stick.”

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