THE END IS NEAR: Part 3: Looking toward summer

Summertime is just around the corner, and many Amarillo College students already are making plans.SUMMER

Some said they will attend classes. Others plan to work.

A few said they’ll try to spread hope and love through travel.

Summer Tyrrell, a nursing major, said she hopes to do something special that involves a little bit of all three.

“I hope I can take a mission trip to Tokyo,” she said. “If I can fit my schedule around it.”

Tyrrell is not the only one. Savannah Stark, a psychology major, said she plans to go on a mission trip to Pachuca, Mexico.

“I’m going to be working,” she said. “I teach martial arts to kids, and adults sometimes.”

Stark said she plans to take a break from work to go to a couple of summer camps as well as doing mission trips.

“Whether its camp, a mission or martial arts, I love helping children,” she said.

Tyrrell and Stark won’t be spending quite as much time in the mission field as Shanna Brewer, a social work major. She is working with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, through which she plans to go on several trips during the summer.

“I start in May,” she said. “I’m going on four trips: Panama, Costa Rica, Africa and Haiti.”

She said she has been to Panama before and will lead a team in Costa Rica. Africa and Haiti will be new for her.

“I will be traveling a whole lot,” she said.

For those who want to travel as a way to relax, Colorado appears to be a popular summer destination.

“I will probably get some gigs playing the bass, work to save up money for next semester and hopefully move out of my parents,” said Trent Mahaffey, a music major. “Sometime in there I am going to Colorado for a week to relax.”

Jared Headding, a business management certificate student, said he plans to look for a job in management and also have some fun.

“I want to go on a couple of trips to Denver for some concerts,” he said.

“Relaxing and enjoying time off from delivering pizzas.”

Not all the students who said they will travel to Colorado will go exclusively to relax. Giovanni Meraz, a criminal justice major, said he will attend a wedding.

“I am going to see family in Denver,” he said.

“Then I will go to Chicago to visit and bring back my grandma.”

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