THE END IS NEAR: Part 2: The book buyback

BOOKIt’s that time of year again: book buybacks.

At the end of every semester, students sell books back to Amarillo College bookstores hoping to get some cash back in their pocket while lightening the load in their book bag.

Spring semester buybacks will happen May 12-16 at each bookstore.

Students will need to verify whether their books have buyback value.

Some books, such as those with access codes, books that are not in a traditional binding and books that no longer will be used in classes, are not eligible for buybacks.

“I think it’s cool that you get something back,” said Shandra Telford, a psychology major.

Telford said though she received a good chunk of change when she sold her books back, any at all would have been a nice surprise.

“I was on financial aid, so I didn’t care how much I got back,” she said.

After returning to the bookstore, Telford said she is in awe of how much money is made on the resale of used books.

Used books typically are sold at a higher price than students may get at a buyback event.

Many students agreed on one thing about buying college textbooks, regardless of whether the books are new or used.

“It costs so much money,” said Garang Marduak, a biology major.

Still, he said he’s thankful for the buybacks. After all, getting money back in return for his used books is something he’ll be doing for many more years.

“I’m trying to become a doctor,” he said.

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