Money Talk Monday: Spending Valentine’s day with someone doesn’t mean spending a fortune

How to have a sweet “Value-tine” Day!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some of us might be inclined to go overboard, trying to show the one we love, that we love them.

Wouldn’t it be smarter if we didn’t go into debt doing it?


There are some “thrifty” ways to shower your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are flowers. Wal-Mart, Sam’s or United carry a lovely selection of flowers for a fraction of the cost compared to a florist. And, in my experience, those flowers actually last longer than the ones from a florist. A small bouquet, a vase from the Dollar Store (or use the one from the last occasion you bought flowers), and voilà!

Speaking of the Dollar Store… the balloons there are only $1. Yes, even the Mylar balloons are only a buck. For the price of one balloon at Wal-Mart, you can get five at the Dollar Store. You can buy a small stuffed animal to tie to the bottom of the balloons. Kohl’s usually has stuffed animals right near the register for $5, and part of the proceeds on those go to a charity.

While you’re at the Dollar Store, pick up a couple of candles for your romantic dinner in. You can pick up something from the store and make a nice meal at home for a fraction of the cost of eating out. Even if you do take out or hit the United deli, it will be cheaper than eating in a restaurant. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Isn’t the point of Valentines Day, to just spend time together?

A card is a card. Eventually most of them get thrown away. The dollar store has a small selection, you can make your own, or print one off the computer and write something sweet and mushy on it.

My students tell me that Dusty’s has reasonable priced jewelry. Costume jewelry is really popular – you can pop into Kohl’s, J.C. Penney or Charlotte Russe at Westgate Mall for reasonable priced pieces.

And last but not least, make a coupon book for your loved one. Fill it with coupons for a free back rub, a car wash, a picnic lunch, a trip to the zoo, popcorn and a favorite rented movie – anything you can think of.

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

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