The Plot Thickens In Newest ‘Riverdale’ Episodes

By Genevieve Presley


As “Riverdale” begins to come to an end, the characters continue to understand and survive the past to save the future. The next four episodes are “Dirty Dancing”, “Hoop Dreams”, “Betty & Veronica Double Digest” and “American Graffiti.” My favorite episodes are “Dirty Dancing”, “Hoop Dreams” and “Betty & Veronica Double Digest.”

“Dirty Dancing” was entertaining and mysterious. The main thing I loved about this episode is it featured three storylines– dancing, basketball and continued with the comic book storyline. It was very interesting watching three different storylines play out in one episode. 

“Hoop Dreams” brought the long-awaited return of Reggie Mantle. I love Reggie’s story in the 1950’s, how he’s a farm boy new to town and playing basketball instead of when he was on the football team during the previous seasons. I also loved the dynamics between Archie and Reggie, and Jughead and Tabitha. The episode also ended on a mysterious note, keeping me guessing. 

“Betty and Veronica Double Digest” was just like the Betty and Veronica comic books in which they each have their own story. Betty’s story was my favorite and I especially loved the Betty and Jughead scene when they’re talking about books. I was hoping that there would be a good scene between the two of them somewhere in the season and there was.

“American Graffiti” focused on a mystery with a new character and was very interesting. I loved how Jughead and Tabitha solved it together.

I loved the episodes so much and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

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