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Katelyn Starks

Online Editor

This summer, if you are looking for the perfect read and want a sports-related book, look no further – especially if you are wanting to read a series. I have always been your typical “sport’s girl,” but one sport in particular that I really had no understanding of or really cared for was hockey. I remember having a History teacher in high school who was a major Bruins fan, but other than that, I never really understood the hype around it. That was until I discovered Elle Kennedy’s “Off-Campus” books. 

It is a book series based on a group of college roommates who each find themselves falling in love with their romantic interests, and most importantly are hockey players. 

During the series, you see the guys deal with drama, heartbreaks, a loss of a beloved friend and watch them grow up throughout each story. I read through all five books in less than three days because of how intriguing and well written they are. The longest book is 361 pages. Garrett and Hannah’s love story was my favorite from this series because of the way Garrett treated her throughout their relationship. 

Kennedy also made sure they were a little “spicy” (an insider term from “BookTok”) and she did not disappoint in any of the books. I do want to mention that there are some triggering topics that some people might find difficult to read about. So, trigger warning. 

The author actually created a four-book spin-off series of “Off-Campus” called “Briar U.” These books are based on the lower classmen mentioned in the original books. I especially loved reading the “Briar U” series mostly because of Jake – his storyline was my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, Garrett from the original “Off-Campus” series is still my favorite. However, Jake completely won me over. After reading all nine books, I became a hockey fan, especially the Seattle Kraken’s and now I watch them when I can.  

Kennedy recently came out saying that she is releasing another book on Oct. 31 (spoiler alert). I heard the book is going to be based on Garrett and Hannah’s daughter. I am counting the days until I can get my hands on it and review it. 

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