Jason Michael Carroll Releases New Summer Song

By Genevieve Presley 


With the beginning of Summer just around the corner, Jason Michael Carroll is back with “Sippin’ On Summertime.”

In “Sippin’ On Summertime”, Carroll is singing about what summer is all about, specifically chilling on the beach with his friends. My favorite lyrics are: “Slow rolling on a Saturday, me and the boys no work all play. The girls are tanning, flipping sides, and we’re here to help them reapply. Ribs smoking on a charcoal grill, Jeb baiting up the rods and reels. He says they’re gonna hit today, there’ll be a party either way.”

“Laid back chilling on a beach this white, all of my buddies kicking by my side. Digging in the Yeti, got the cans on ice, sippin’ on, sippin’ on, sippin’, that’s right. Boombox booming in the salty air, no clocks, we ain’t gotta be nowhere. If you’re looking for us, gonna be right here. Sippin’ on, sippin’ on, sippin’ on summertime.” 

“Sippin’ on, sippin’ on, sippin’ that’s right.

Sippin’ on, sippin’ on, sippin’ that’s right.”

I’ve been waiting for a great song to kick off the season and this one is perfect. Jason really knew what he was doing when he wrote it. What it means to me is as long as you’re doing what you love with the people that you love, you’re going to have the best summer of your life. 

“Sippin’ On Summertime” was nothing short of phenomenal. Every word was truly poetic and well-written and I can’t wait to see what he decides to write next.

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