Morgan Wallen Breaks The Top Chart Record

By Genevieve Presley


Morgan Wallen is making headlines with “Last Night.” The song has been on the top of the charts for ten weeks, becoming his first number one. In “Last Night” Wallen is singing about a breakup and how even though they broke up, there’s no way it can be over. My favorite lyrics from the song are: “Last night we let the liquor talk, I can’t remember everything we said but we said it all. You told me that you wish I was somebody you never met. But baby, baby something’s telling me this ain’t over yet. No way it was our last night.”

“No way it was our last night we break up, I see your tail lights in the dust. You call your mama, I call your bluff, and in the middle of the night pull it right back up. Yeah my, my friends say let her go, your friends say what the hell. I wouldn’t trade your kind of love for nothing else.”

“I know you said this time you really weren’t coming back again. But baby, baby something’s telling me this ain’t over yet. No way it was our last night, no way it was our last night.”

The lyrics are very poetic, heartfelt and captivating. Each word is well-written and flows perfectly throughout the song. I also love how the lyrics reflected the theme of the song exactly. That’s very important for songwriting and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs. 

Upon breaking the top chart record, Wallen was presented with the high honor of “Male Artist Of The Year” at the 58th annual Academy of country music(ACM) awards. Every artist country or not knows what it takes to win this award, and no one deserves it more than Morgan Wallen, who did what no artist has ever done before with this amazing song that has captured the hearts of his fans all around the world.

I loved “Last Night” very much. From the vocals to the lyrics and everything in between I was not disappointed and I can’t wait to see what he releases next.

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