Corey Kent Paves His Career With Third Album

By Genevieve Presley


Following the release of “21”, Corey Kent is back with “Blacktop”, a album all about his family and career. The songs on the album include: “Wild As Her”, “Long Story Short”, “Something’s Gonna Kill Me”, “Man Of The House”, “Gone As You”, “BiC Flame”, “Call It A Night”, “How You Know You Made It”, “Hood Of That Car” and “Once Or Twice.” My favorites are: “Wild As Her”, “BiC Flame” and “Hood Of That Car.”

“Wild As Her” is very upbeat and the lyrics and vocals were amazing. My favorite lyric is: “I keep the windows down and the wind in her hair, keep her heart hanging on ‘round every turn. She ain’t scared to get tied down, scared to get burned, just looking for somebody wild as her. Wild, wild.” I love this lyric because it flows perfectly throughout the song. I also think this song was a perfect way to begin the album.

“Long Story Short” is a breakup song, or heartbreak song as Corey describes it. It’s very well-written, heartfelt and fascinating. “Something’s Gonna Kill Me” is about not being afraid to take risks. This song is upbeat and has catchy lyrics. I love how Corey focuses on what he loves to do and even though it’s risky he’s going to do it because life is short.

“Man Of The House” is emotional and heartfelt. The lyrics are very poetic and tell a powerful story based on personal experience. I love songs based on true stories. There’s something powerful about them that really captivates me. 

“Gone As You” is the second heartbreak song, similar to “Long Story Short” but different in its own way. I loved the lyrics for this one and thought they fit the song perfectly. “BiC Flame” is the autobiographical song on the album. I love the ending the best: “I still read that King James Bible and spend my Sundays on a motorcycle. You say that I’m an old soul, but what’s so wrong with that? Years fly by and Levi’s fade, I know that I can’t stop the change. Well, the world can go do its thing, I’ll do mine. In a crowd full of cell phone lights, I guess I’m still a BiC flame guy. A BiC flame guy.” This lyric shows that Corey wants to be himself instead of being somebody that he’s not. I really love that. “Call It A Night” is a upbeat summer song and also one of those songs that can make you feel good no matter what. 

“How You Know You Made It” is extremely inspirational. The lyrics were amazing and flowed really well throughout the whole song. 

“Hood Of That Car” is a feel-good love song. I love the chorus when he sings: “We were blue jean dreamers, too young to know hearts. A couple don’t-stop-believers going 90 in park. You and me, hot and heavy on the front of that Chevy still burning from that first-time spark. Yeah, we fooled around and fell in love on the hood of that car.” I love this lyric because it reflects the theme of the song exactly. 

“Once Or Twice” is a darker, more ominous song but still good. I love how it’s based on his family ranch in Oklahoma, it made the song very interesting.

Along with the songs I also love the inspiration behind “Blacktop.” How he paved the roads in Dallas to support his family when the world shut down and continuing the same line of work while recording songs. “Blacktop” pays tribute to the industry and the people who helped him provide for his family.

There wasn’t a single bad song on the album. Everything was perfectly written and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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