Corey Kent Returns To Amarillo Stage

By Genevieve Presley


Corey Kent made his way back to Amarillo this month in preparation for his third album. I saw Corey last year when he opened for Eli Young Band., but it was very different and much better seeing him again as a headliner. 

My favorite songs he played were: “Hood Of That Car”, “Same Heart, Different Break”, “Postcard”, “Ain’t My Day”, “Tumbleweed”, “Highways”, “Wild As Her”, “Few Good Friends”, “Gold”, “Man Of The House”, “How You Know You Made It” and “Something’s Gonna Kill Me.” 

I loved how he played the new songs, it was amazing hearing them live and made me even more excited about the new album.

During the show, Corey was extremely interactive with the crowd and sang really well, capturing my attention with every song. I loved when he came back out and played an encore, it was one of my favorite parts.  

He also smiled a lot, especially during “Wild As Her” and “Ain’t My Day.” I loved the fact that us fans were able to join in with him during both songs. I also noticed an extraordinary amount of passion during “Highways.” I loved the amount of energy that Corey displayed onstage. That quality is essential for any performer, and he definitely has it. I saw it in every song he played. In one of the videos I captured from the show Corey says that because of us he has the most streamed country song in the entire world. That really showed his dedication and how much he cares about the fans. I really love that about him as a singer and I am honored to call myself one of his fans.

I enjoyed every second of the concert. It was very breathtaking and I hope to see him again someday.

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