‘Handyman Saitou’ brings viewers in to epic fantasy world

By Jordan Nuner


“Handyman Saitou in Another World,” shortened as just “Handyman Saitou,” just finished airing its first season and I really enjoyed it. 

The story is told in a very unique manner as shorts that introduce different characters and their parties who at first seem unrelated.

It seems like an episodic show with no big storyline but in truth, all the little stories eventually lead to all the characters meeting in the same place and eventually fighting against a greater force as allies. This way of storytelling fits well with the world and its characters as the relationships between the characters are interesting and you can tell they care for each other and work well together.

This action-adventure comedy takes place in a fantasy world with magic and even a way to bring back the dead if it is recent enough and you can afford it. The story gives the viewer something to look forward to with its individual stories and makes you want to know what happens next with the different characters as their stories sometimes leave off on cliffhangers.

The main story is about a handyman named Saitou who felt pretty useless in modern-day society as many people could do what he could. After being thrust into this new world he felt that he had found his place as his skills from his handyman job are unique to this world and were very helpful to the party.

Saitou travels with three other party members, the old amnesiac wizard, Morlock, the female warrior Raelza and the female moonlight fairy healer, Lafanpan. They travel around the world fighting monsters to level up and take on the mysterious labyrinth. Saitou even memorized Morlock’s magic spells despite not being able to cast magic so he can remind Morlock when he forgets.

Then there are the side characters that appear in their own individual stories unrelated to the main crew. They all have their own unique traits that make them stand out even as side characters and their stories are interesting and draw the viewer in. 

If you enjoy a good comedy with an entertaining story and interesting characters then I highly recommend you watch this. It is available on the anime streaming service Crunchyroll and has twelve episodes as of March 2023. It is very sweet and hilarious with its storytelling. The characters all have their own unique skill that only they can do and have great teamwork.

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