‘Wendell & Wild’ is dark, spooky, fun stop motion


By Jordan Nuner


“Wendell & Wild” is an interesting watch. It came out recently on Netflix and is a stop-motion animated film about an orphaned girl who, after losing her parents, experiences bullying. 

She ends up hurting, or possibly killing, a fellow student and, five years later, is paroled to a religious school.

At this school, she discovers that she is a hellmaiden and can summon a couple of demons that have the power to bring her parents back from the dead. With her new friend Raul, as her witness, she sets out under a full moon bringing the required tools to summon the demons.

This movie is dark, a perfect watch for the spooky season, and the animation is pretty good. The character designs are unique and the characters feel like they belong in the world they are in.

The issue I have with this movie is the story. 

It isn’t bad, but I feel that there is something missing. There are a few plot holes or missing details and the world isn’t explained well. There is no explanation of why the main character is a hellmaiden or what makes a person a hellmaiden. Other things related to that are also confusing.

The overarching story is well done. The main character’s desire to bring her parents back is believable. Her feelings of guilt over being the only survivor and possible cause of the crash are clearly painted and relateable.

“Wendell & Wild is definitely something I recommend watching, but just know that it isn’t perfect. It is, however, entertaining and fun to watch. The music is great and well-chosen. I wouldn’t recommend this to younger kids as this is rated PG-13 and can get really dark, but is great for fans of stop-motion creepy comedies. It is a family movie so it’s best watched with others, though I myself watched it alone.

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