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“Uncharted” has just hit theaters and, like any other movie based on a video game, it has been met with skepticism.

The original game was released for the PlayStation 3 in 2007 and was developed by Naughty Dog. The game follows a 31-year-old Nathan Drake as he searches for lost treasure, while the movie follows a 25-year-old Nathan Drake who is new to treasure hunting.

One of the issues people have with the movie was the lack of a mustache on the character Sully and the decision to have Tom Holland play Nathan Drake. These criticisms are ones that I can understand but could easily overlook as that’s not what matters to me.

Holland is young and was chosen for the role of Nathan Drake because of his experience in gymnastics. Nathan Drake is a character who has to jump and climb and risk his life for the sake of treasure hunting and Holland has the skills to portray that part of the character.

Also, the mustache issue was solved by the post-credits where the character Sully is seen with a mustache. The movie takes place in the past and though the Sully from the game in the past had a mustache, the movie is following a different story so Sully not having a mustache should be irrelevant. This also explains why their personalities don’t exactly match up with their video game counterparts.

It’s a different story with a different Nathan Drake, but all the action-adventure, treasure hunting, parkour and puzzle-solving is still there.

Sure, the story is clichéd, but that goes for the game too, and Holland was great at portraying a young and adventurous Nathan Drake.

We can attest to the lack of Nathan Drake’s video game personality due to the inexperience of the younger Nathan Drake, as he is still new to treasure hunting and there’s still time for his personality to develop into the one known from the game with a possible sequel.

The story wasn’t bad, it just didn’t follow the story of the game exactly but that’s to be expected when making a movie of a game that takes hours to play. The movie has to make cuts and changes to the story to fit the time of the movie.

The movie did capture the action, adventure and mystery of the game well and was very much enjoyable. The fact that it doesn’t follow the game much is a bit disappointing, but the movie did bring back some memories of playing and
that’s all that matters to me. I’ll give this movie a 7 out 10 meaning I liked it.

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