‘Running with the Hurricane’ doesn’t blow anyone away



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Australian alternative rock group, Camp Cope, released their third album titled “Running with the Hurricane” March 25, 2022.

Their last album, “How to Socialize & Make Friends,” was angry with a minimalist punk sound. The album talked about the misogyny the band experienced within the music industry.

Their new album deals with depression, romantic crushes and being vulnerable with a softer, but still confident, tone.
The album begins with “Caroline,” a reflection on getting lost in longing for someone else, and eases into the band’s new sound. It starts off with a repeating bass line and adds in more and more elements that give the song a sense of growth that is paralleled by the lyrics, “Now I know there is love / I know there is love that doesn’t have to do / anything that you / anything that you don’t want it to do.”

The title, “Running with the Hurricane,” is fully immersed in the band’s new sound. It feels like an angry Australian Taylor Swift, but it remains true to the emotional weight of the band’s previous songs. While “Caroline” is a bittersweet reflection on longing, “Running with the Hurricane” shouts out with the excitement that comes from moving on. The song gives a sense of boldness and confidence in a new reality that isn’t perfect but is certainly better than the past.

The album does drag a little bit at points. “One Wink at a Time” feels like an abrupt deceleration in between two other fast-paced intense songs, but the songs that stand out in the album make up for it with their high energy and confident tenderness.

Overall the album sets out for a vulnerable, expressive alt rock sound and, with a few minor low points, achieves being a great album.

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