‘Gotcha’ sparks interests among students, faculty


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Intramural sports are up and running this year at Amarillo College. The month of September focused on flag football, with games on Thursday and a game called “Gotcha.” 

“‘Gotcha’ is a campus-wide game of tag,” Trent Oneal, coordinator of intramural sports, said. “We will take photos of all people playing, hand them out and you hunt whoever you get a photo of with silly string but you have to be careful because someone has your photo too. If you catch someone you take their picture and continue.” 

Even students who had not heard of “Gotcha” said it seemed fun. “It sounds interesting, I’ve never heard of anything like that but I’d be down to join,” Tanner Shipman, a biology major, said.

Oneal said participation in flag football was good with more than 25 students showing up for each game. 

“I think the refs have been trying their best and the staff has been good,” said Aron McClain, co-captain of his team “Straight Cash Homie.”

Oneal said he is happy to see people physically together again. “Just the kids actually out here are exciting,” Oneal said. “I tried to do some virtual stuff last year but it didn’t work,” he said.

Players were asked by staff members involved in intramurals to participate.

“Trent reached out to me, he told me about it,” said Chris Wilbur, general studies major. “I’m trying to get involved to look better for applications to universities.” 

Upcoming intramural events are posted in the Student Life newsletter, “The Weekly Dig” and emailed out every Monday. 

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