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The Badger Esports team has a full season lined up this fall, hot off their win in the Overwatch B division championship. There will be many teams for games such as “Overwatch,” “League of Legends,” “Valorant and Rocket League.” The program is planning to have a team for “Rainbow 6 Siege” and “Call of Duty.” These teams will be competing for prize money and bragging rights. The Esports program will also be hosting a “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” tournament every Tuesday night.

Khalila Stevenson, a biology major and the Esports assistant, said the group has 80 members and is still recruiting. “I think we got something coming to the plate for sure. I think we’re gonna take some games,” she said, “It will be better than last year for sure.” Stevenson plays on both the “Valorant” and “League of Legends” teams.

The team members pointed out that they consider their last year successful. “We just really meshed really well, even though our rankings weren’t that high,” said Josiah Raab, a radiation therapy major and one of the members of last year’s “Overwatch” Champion team. Raab said the club is looking to expand and have members get involved in commentating, organizing tournaments, marketing and social media management. 

Just like in traditional sports, the teams will have coaches who help to keep the team on track. The program will also be supporting other programs like GLHF or Good Luck Have Fun, a pledge to be inclusive in the gaming world and fight discrimination, and Stack Up, a program that helps out veterans work through trauma and mental health issues using video games and gaming related events. 

Matches will be streamed and commentated on

More information about Badger Esports can be found on the club Discord, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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