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The first few episodes of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” are available on Disney+, and it’s exactly what we’ve all come to expect from Marvel. 

The story takes place after the events of “Endgame,” following the stories of Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Bucky Barns (the Winter Soldier) as they deal with their independent issues. Sam is struggling with providing for his family while also being the Falcon and Bucky is dealing with his inner demons as memories of the past still traumatize him. However, they inevitably come together to face a much bigger problem. 

The villains of the show think that superheroes “shouldn’t be allowed to exist” and want the world to go back to how it was during the blimp, or when half of all life in the universe was eliminated. They pose a serious threat to the unlikely duo and force them to learn how to work together to overcome the odds. 

The writing, humor and characters are very similar to what we’ve gotten in the past in Marvel movies, so if you enjoyed what Marvel has created so far, I’d highly recommend it. The show is written by Malcolm Spellman, who also wrote “Empire” (2015-2017) and directed by Kari Skogland, who is also known for directing “A Handmaid’s Tale.”

The acting from the main characters is solid, the comedy in the show is exactly what I’ve come to know and love from Marvel studios and the story strengthens in intensity over time as our heroes are forced to face one challenge after the next. 

I will say though that each episode is rather long. An episode ranges anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour. I would personally prefer my television shows in small chunks, but if you don’t mind the episode length, I suggest you watch it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed watching the show and am excited for the next episodes to release. 

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