Don’t be selfish, stay home

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By Jessika Fulton

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Quarantine, everyone’s favorite pastime. A word meaning you are forced to stay home alone while feeling sad and angry at the world but also gaining a little bit of extra debt due to lack of funds. 

But what causes you to have to take on this fun crushing event? COVID-19. 

Whether it be that you contacted this terrible disease or you were exposed to it by someone else, you still have to endure 10 days of depression. 

I myself just left the grasps of quarantine due to exposure by my careless co-worker. 

Let’s call this co-worker Betty. Now, Betty loves to go out clubbing and strip clubs with huge groups of friends. She had done this the Saturday before she began to feel ill.

She had told me she felt nauseous with headaches and body aches for three days before getting tested. Her reasoning for not getting tested sooner? “It could be that I might be pregnant, but honestly I just don’t want to stay home.” 

I can confidently say that her sickness was not the result of pregnancy. 

Now, I agree that no one likes to stay home and do nothing but exposing your co-workers because of your selfish needs is not the solution. 

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 then there is no reason for you to leave the house and be around others until you obtain a negative test result. 

Some people may have the argument, “Well money comes first, and maybe they couldn’t miss any time for work.” Yes, that is true but when you test positive, some companies compensate. 

For example, Betty is a part-time manager, so she was compensated for eight days of work and she applied for unemployment. However, since I am not management, I was only paid for two days and due to other reasons, I wasn’t able to apply for unemployment. 

I myself am a college student, meaning I can barely afford a Big Mac meal or a coffee from Starbucks. So when you take away my main source of income due to your lack of empathy for others, it can cause some serious problems. 

So if you or anyone you know is experiencing any of the symptoms listed on the CDC website, please get tested and stay home until you get your results. 

Three days of missing work to find out if you are contagious or not, will not kill you. Yes, it will hurt your paycheck a bit but think of the people around you who would be affected even more if you didn’t take the extra precautions. 

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