Intramurals introduce new sport to players March madness event underway

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By Ruth Martinez

Amarillo College intramurals are doing a doubles pickleball tournament and a March Madness event for students and faculty starting the first week of March. The first event taking place is on Wednesday, March 3 at 5:30 p.m. at the Carter Fitness Center. 

“We decided to have this tournament because it is wildly popular right now with dozens of people playing during the evenings at the Fitness Center and we thought others might like trying out a new sport they’ve never played before,” Trent Oneal, the intramurals coordinator, said.  Players can play on mixed teams if they desire. To play in the tournament, participants can sign up at

March Madness is an event where students predict winning teams on a bracket, and whoever gets close to picking the most correct bracket wins. To participate in this event, sign up on and create a free account at Then, to join a league, select Full 64 Team College Bracket, enter pool ID 54187 and enter the password, “Badger.” On March 15, log back in and enter the predicted teams into a bracket. 

This event is popular among millions of people across the country as the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball teams compete for the national championship, so intramurals have created their own pool for AC students and faculty.  

Leslie Martinez, a criminal justice major, said she is participating in both events. “I signed up to get involved, meet new people and to have fun.” Martinez said she has participated in the volleyball skills contest, is currently doing the tennis league and the 500-mile race contest.

Martinez added that signing up for these sports events is fast and easy.  Prizes have been given in most events, and the prizes vary from gift cards to t-shirts. “There’s really no prediction on who will win. It’s a very fair competition or if you can complete the tasks, you simply win or get in a raffle,” Martinez said. 

Hayden Stone, a medical lab tech major, is also participating in both events and said he encourages other students to try at least one intramural sport, “Trent has done a great job adding more sports and working around COVID to keep that part of college life alive,” he said. 

To find out more information about doubles pickleball, March Madness and other events, follow @ac_intramurals on Instagram. 

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