Winter break is coming Students break the ice about their holiday plans

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The holiday season is right around the corner. With the end of the fall semester next week, students and staff are beginning to plan for their winter breaks.

Lillie Blankenship, a dual credit student, is planning to spend the winter break with her friends and family. Blankenship said she is looking forward to spending time with her siblings. “COVID didn’t affect my Christmas plans because we usually don’t travel in December,” Blankenship said. She said she is hoping that during the time off from school, she will have time to pick up a new hobby.

Joshua Ruiz, a business major, said he plans to work throughout the winter break. He also plans to hang out with his family. Ruiz said that COVID-19 has changed his holiday parties by bringing his normal gatherings of 50 or more people down to less than ten. “I am still very excited to spend the holidays with my family and enjoy some time with them since my siblings and I are all living on our own now,” Ruiz, said.

Ryan Haisten, a fine arts major, said he will be relaxing during his winter break. Despite the issues that COVID-19 has caused this school year, Haisten said he is still on track to graduate this month. “I enjoyed the time I spent doing what I love with the people that I’ve met.” said Haisten.

Sandra De La Rosa, the director of secondary partnerships and dual enrollment, said she plans to stay home for the majority of the winter break. De La Rosa said she also plans to visit some family on Christmas, but she will spend time with fewer people than she usually does during the holidays. De La Rosa said this semester’s difficulties have made her appreciate what really matters, which has changed her approach to the holiday season.

“This pandemic has taught me to save and not waste on things. We don’t need material things to make our holidays special,” she said.

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