Freshmen adjust to new challenges

Jacob Mendoza

By Jacob Mendoza

Staff Reporter

Trying to balance school, work and extracurricular activities can be challenging to any student, but it is often students just beginning college who have the biggest challenge, learning how to adapt to this new way of life. 

Fabian Baeza, is a freshman psychology major at Amarillo College. “Having to readjust, do homework and not enjoying my free time would have to be one of the hardest things that frustrates me,” he said.

Although it’s a bit of a struggle, Baeza said he believes it gets easier day-by-day. Time man-agement is a discipline that freshmen must develop, he said.

College is the perfect place to practice this much-needed skill of time management, according to Pam Flores, a first-generation college graduate and an adviser at AC, Flores said she remembers when she was in college. “Deciding to work full time or part-time, managing a social life, work-life and family is what I found to be difficult but manageable,” she said, adding that having a planner and staying organized “saved her life as a freshman.” 

Beginning college is tough, but starting during a pandemic is a whole new ballgame. Regardless, students, faculty and staff say that they’re doing their best to persevere. 

Amy Pifer, first year experience coordinator, said everyone is “adjusting well.” 

Pifer said students should take advantage of the many tools available to help them. “There are a plethora of resources around AC,” said Pifer, who spends much of her day assisting students with Blackboard and other online technology. 

Pifer also said students should get involved with campus clubs and organizations. “Connecting them to Student Life is one of the first things I would do.” 

 According to Student Life Coordinator, Jenna Welch, getting participating in activities is important.

“Our mission is to help students get involved, make connections and grow as an individual.” 

Though freshman face frustrating tasks, it is comforting to know that there are people, tools and organizations that are willing to help them throughout their journey. 

All students need to do is make every minute count and take a deep breath. 

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