Bracing For Midterms

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Classes at Amarillo College move quickly. With most students enrolled in eight week courses, October means major projects, tests and stress.

“I convince myself fully that I am prepared for tests,” Erin Wiechec, an English major, said. “Then the day of the test actually comes really quickly and I find out that I am really not all that ready.” 

Although it’s stressful for students with such rapidly approaching exams, Nathan Lewis, an art major, had some tips for students on how to prepare properly.

“I always study with groups of people and it’s always at a coffee shop or something like that. I think it makes it easier to actually sit down and do the work. I know it sucks, but it is also super important to get ahead of studying for exams instead of putting it off until that week,” Lewis said. 

Some students said they prefer online tests to in-class exams. “I know I will do better because I get to take it at my house with Netflix on in the background or listening to music or something like that.” Morgan Kelley, a business major, said. “It takes the pressure off that would usually be there if I were sitting at a desk,” she said. 

Mid-October is a time for strapping down, saying goodbye to social life and sitting in a room with nothing to do but study, but when is all said and done, students will find themselves closer to fall break.

           Fall break runs from Oct. 21 through 25. For many students, fall break offers a time for catching up on shows, reading books, working on a side hustle for extra money or even filling out transfer applications.

            Amanda Mountain, a business management major, said she plans to spend the break sewing Halloween costumes for her younger siblings. Kristabelle Rameriez, a nursing major, said she has plans that include “catching up on sleep and binge watching shows.”

           Hector Delfierro, a computer science major, plans to work most of the break. “But who knows anything can happen,” Delfierro said.

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