Where to study on campus: Effective study spots equals student success

a student studying
Photo By Marc Arteus/ Jordan Mckillip, a photography major, prefers to study in quiet places

By MARC ARTEUS Staff Reporter

One of the key components to effective studying is to find the perfect spot to focus on work; away from irritating noises or simply just away from friends who can be distractions from completing that homework. 

Finding that perfect place to do schoolwork is a big deal for some people. Students and staff at Amarillo College have different preferences for the best study spots.

Jesse Starr, a circulation supervisor at AC’s library, said that the library is one of the best places to study. “It’s very quiet up here during the afternoon. Only a couple of students will come up here from time to time, especially during the summer. So having that small number of students here means there is less noise,” Starr said. 

He also added that the library has a few spots where students will most likely feel more focused and isolated from any distracting noises. 

“Our back walls back behind the stacks of books is a perfect spot for studying or if you just want to read books,” he said. 

“It’s a very quiet spot since all the books back there absorb the sounds that are coming from around the library.” 

Teagan Rangel, a biology major, said that for her the best study spot is in the science building. 

“It’s very quiet down there. Not a lot of students hangout in that area so distractions like people talking happen on rare occasions.” 

Rangel also pointed out a few hidden spots around campus where students can go if they really want to be isolated.

 “There are a bunch of secluded rooms down at Russell Hall. Like literally there’s no people walking past it and I think it’s the best spot if you want a quiet time,” Rangel said.

Some people want something other than just a quiet place. Jordan McKillip, a photography major, said he prefers to study in coffee houses.

“Studying with coffee helps me to stay awake and be more attentive. In my free time, I always go to Palace Coffee (on the Washington Street Campus) and just hang around there. 

“Most of the time, that’s my go-to place whenever I’m preparing for an exam, or if I feel like reading a book or if I just want a latte.”


  1. For us music majors!! The practice rooms in the music building are quiet, they give you space to practice your instruments, and there’s room on top of the pianos for your books and any other things you need to study. They are also soundproofed and secluded.

  2. I need a quiet spot with electricity. I was looking outside by the clock tower and noticed the lack of electrical outlets. Any chance this will be addressed anytime in the future since the buildings are being updated?

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